BBL Class for Nurses (nonsurgical)

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Learn our secret non-surgical BBL technique which includes liquid BBL for the butt PLUS liquid lipo fat dissolver to slim the waist

Get certified in 2 techniques: non surgical BBL (using FDA approved fillers) , liquid lipo fat dissolving technique for stomach/sides/back, safety procedures, marketing, and more

Taught by a licensed NP (nurse practitioner), we use needle and cannula, therefore this class is only open to nurses. We encourage students to check with their local health department to see if their nursing license will allow them to perform this technique in their state.

Our secret technique is safe and produces IMMEDIATE results for clients!

Class Includes 2 certificates, hands on practice with live model, post-class support, and authentic filler purchasing info from the manufacturer. 

You can charge $2500- $3000+ per session for non-surgical BBL, earning back your initial investment with just one client. 

Class is beginner friendly.